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RV & Boat Hydro-Jet Tank Cleaning
We do More than Rinse and Flush

Bad odors? Clogged drains? Slow draining tanks? Black tank pyramid? Inaccurate tank sensors?

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R Factor RV Services
RV & Boat Hydro-Jet Tank Cleaning

We do More than Rinse and Flush
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Bad odors? Clogged drains? Slow draining tanks? Black tank pyramid? Inaccurate tank sensors?
We Can Help
What is RV & Boat Hydro-jet Tank Cleaning?
R Factor RV Services uses pressurized fresh water at 1200-1500PSI and an array of specialized nozzles to unclog and clean your holding tanks. Our process cleans out the build up of grease, mold, hair, soap, a rock type mineral called struvite and whatever else is lurking in your tanks. In many cases, we can even get your tank sensors working.

Our hydro-jet tank cleaning uses no chemicals and is 100% safe for the environment.
Why do I need my RV & Boat tanks hydro-jet cleaned?
All types of waste goes into your tanks:
• Hair
• Dry skin
• Food
• Soap
• Grease
• Essentially anything that you purposefully or accidentally put down your drains.

Waste and debris builds up, creates mold and does not always drain from your tanks when you dump. This waste accumulates and lines your tanks; it creates unpleasant odors, clogs, slow draining tanks and inaccurate sensor readings.

If you leave your gray tank valves open, more waste and debris builds up and hardens, which traps odors and does not wash out.

It is very common to find more debris and odors coming from the gray tank than the black tank.

In addition to human waste, dead skin cells, hair, grease build-up, and mold; did you know that RV & Boat holding tanks often have a build up of a hard mineral deposit called struvite?

Struvite (a naturally occurring crystal of magnesium, ammonium and phosphate) can build up in your holding tanks creating a substance as hard as rocks. It can cause clogs, tank sensors to misread, add unnecessary weight to your tanks and hold in odors.

Routine flushing and dumping of the tanks will not remove struvite.

Many black tanks have a sewer rinse. This typically helps keep the black tank cleaned out, but there are times that even the sewer rinse is not enough.
Factors that may cause black tank problems:
• Not enough water in your tank
• A previous owner did not maintain their tanks
• Rinse it enough to clear everything out after every dump.

Watch this video to see what comes out of a black tank that is rinsed after every dump.
How do I get started?
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We are a mobile service, which means if you are in our service area, we come to your RV. There a just a few requirements to get your RV or Boat tanks cleaned:
• Full hook-ups at the site where we will service your RV (sewer dump & park-pressured fresh water)
• 110 volt electric service (If you only have 30 or 50-amp service, we'll provide the needed adapters)
• Dump your tanks prior to our arrival and we'll need complete access to your sewer connections. Sometimes we'll ask you to bring in a slideout that's obstructing sewer connections.

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